writer, editor, self-proclaimed ice cream aficionado

The Short Version

I'm a writer and editor who specializes in food media. I like happy people, making lists, and crossing things off my lists. My biggest pet peeve is punctuation misuse and I like to pretend that I know how to craft.

The Official Version

Read on.

Currently residing in Boston, Becca works as a Social Media Manager / Executive Assistant for Melanie Mitro, LLC. She is a graduate student in the Gastronomy program at Boston University, as well as the Communications Graduate Assistant for the program. Previously, she worked in the eCommerce department at DICK's Sporting Goods Corporate Headquarters. Becca is a 2016 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and minors in French Studies and Religious Studies.


Throughout college, Becca was Editorial Director of Pitt's chapter of Spoon University, as well as a National Editorial Intern and Elite News Team Member for Spoon HQ in NYC. Her articles have been syndicated on Yahoo! Food, Huffington Post Blog, and USA Today College and she has written partnership articles for Spoon University with GrubHub and StumbleUpon. 


Becca previously worked as a Social Media and Marketing Intern for Delicious Israel, an Israeli culinary food tour company based out of Tel Aviv, where she developed and executed a social media and marketing plan to target potential audiences for Delicious Israel's goals and products. Becca also updated the Delicious Israel blog with relevant food-related and industry news, visited food locations and maintained communications with local vendors, performed tech/app-related research, gathered information from internet and media sources, and assisted with the formation of delicious.city.

​​Hi, I'm Rebecca Berland.